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the spot light this week. very high profile test in u.s. district court here in washington regarding texas's new laws which is causing quite a bit of controversy. how important are voter id laws? what types should be in place. here are the numbers to call, democrats 202-737-0001, republicans 202-737-0002 and independents 202-628-0205. if there's a law in your state, please tell us exactly what it does give us your thoughts. here is the front page of this morning's dallas morning news. story by todd gillman. texas and u.s. lay out voter id arguments. todd gillman join us by phone. give us a history of this texas law and how it came to arise in federal court here in washington? guest: people have been trying to get a federal id law in texas going back at least about 15 years and in fact, at one point as the republican backers of the current law that's being challenged. like to point out some liberal democrats at one point actually supported the law as well. it passed the texas house in 2005, 2007 but died in the senate. eventually in the 2011 legislature, there was a rule change that the r
to the democratic line. john is from texas. john, go ahead. caller: i think these votes are a waste of time. these republicans have done a pretty good job of bringing every negative aspect of this bill to the public. as far as the farm bill and the food stamp program, it will never get past the senate and will never be signed into law by the presence of the united states. you are wasting your time on this nonsense until after the election. they will not be in town for the rest of the year anyway. host: windchills do you think they should be working on him -- which bills do think they should be working on? caller: i think we should get out of afghanistan. host: this was from cbs news yesterday. a tally fund that a republican repeal effort has taken up his 80 hours or two fuld weeks since 2010. -- taken up 80 out worse horn at two fuld weeks -- hours or two full weeks on the floor of the house. we have another caller. caller: the votes are not a waste of time. it highlights the disparities between the 8 parties on health care. what we democrats -- the guilty parties on health care. what the d
united. that decision is incomprehensible to me. host: fort worth, texas. caller: i disagree with the decision and i think it's more about, you know, what the doctors need and not what insurance companies need and i think, you know, they've got to have a term limit for them judges and they ought to be elected by the people and not by one party or the president, you know. host: why would that change things? caller: because then the people have the power instead of the president having the power. and that's the way our government's supposed to be. it's supposed to be -- the government's supposed to represent us and they're not doing that. host: mckinney, texas. this is corina, democrats line. caller: yes. this is corina. i was calling to actually hear -- for everyone that's speaking about the medicare and who should -- let's say over what. but i believe the government stepping in and trying to do something for people such as myself who do not have, you know, medical insurance is very, very happy because of the obama act -- affordable act. i think it's great. i think the republi
. that is up from our e-mail. dallas, texas, on our line for democrats -- caller: good morning. i am totally upset with congress. why are they on recess again? they will not do their jobs and if they knew sequestration was coming up but they don't want to act because they don't want tthe defense budget to be cut. host: is your message to them? what should they do? caller: they should do their job. if you pass a law, go through with it. let it go through. don't change your mind at the last minute because of special interests that are being paid. that is the bottom line. that is the problem. congress is being influenced by all the money and the supreme court made that clear. host: the lead story in this morning's "the washington times" - back to the phones, our discussion on your message to congress on sequestration, for royal, va., on our line for republicans. are you there? to right, let's move on philadelphia -- caller: how are you? what's your message to congress on sequestration? caller: my message is leaded k again. my message is democrats in the senate and house -- why aren't you workin
. host: marcia's joins us from texas -- marcia joins us from texas. caller: i am independent and i did vote for obama. this is an election year and there is a problem with jobs and the economy. bring home those troops will cause a big problem in terms of the economy. i believe things will change after this election if obama is elected. i don't think things will change until after the election. this is a political environment. thank you so much for your call. host: how much are you thinking about the issue of afghanistan as you look at candidates and think about your vote? caller: i am kind of on the fence. no matter who vote for, i probably will be holding my nose a little be it. as far as afghanistan, that money should not be spent the re. no matter how much we think we know, we do not know what the bargain was in terms of afghanistan and why that money was promised. i think we need to wait and see what happens after the election. host: thank you for sharing your perspective. you can: about the inspector general report. democrats can call and 202-737- 0001. republicans, 202-737-0002.
: thank you for the comments from the first 45 minutes of today's "washington journal." houston, texas, a republican line. caller: how are you doing? listen, the only thing that worries me about the rulings -- the supreme court rulings, it is already giving morals that -- immortal status to the corporations. there should be a limit to a lot of the stuff as far as the financing of the whole thing. host: let's talk about some of the limits that are currently out there to educate folks about the election law. guest: there are limits giving money directly to candidates and the parties. within the structure, there is a limit to how much donors can give, romney a donor, whether an individual or corporation, can give a million dollars to the group supported the candidates so it kind of gives -- to influence the election. host: it seems like the next frontier, another one of the stories that you wrote for campaign finance folks who want to lose in the laws is the disclosure issue. texas a little bit through some of the disclosure laws on the books now. guest: i think that is one of the more in
this country. host: houston, texas, reginald. asking about wealth and whether it is an impossible dream. caller: when the government accountability of this came out and said we misappropriated $52 billion out of the pentagon were spending budget, they have no accountability for it. those are dollars that could go to medicare programs, the medical program that he had and also for social security. unless you are the military industrial complex, when the government is dealing without any accountability and oversight of military dollars, obama, libya, those things, it is difficult for the note -- middle-class and lower class to raise up. host: have you connect that to wealth? caller: when you create jobs, when you create waits for people to survive and provide for health care insurance and for jobs for long term stability, able or disabled, it increases and empowers the people. that is why it dr. -- was against the war because war takes away opportunities from the economy. host: of about the idea of achieving wealth is based on himself or herself? caller: not when the government misappropriates dol
austin, texas. this is from bloomberg "business week." why super p.a.c.'s make the best attack ads. -- host: there's not a lot of supervision, oversight or accountability, says mark mckinnon. -- let's take a look at some recent super p.a.c. advertisements on the presidential level. >> mitt romney, the businessman. take a look at his record. romney bought companies, drowned them in debt, many went bankrupt. thousands of workers lost jobs, benefits and pensions. but for every company he drove into the ground, romney averaged a $92 million profit. now he says his business experience would make him a good president? if romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities u.s.a. reaction is responsibility for the -- responsible of the content of this advertising. >> america's jobless rate just went up again but after a record 42 straight months of unemployment, president obama insists. >> the private sector is doing fine. 20 million americans can't find jobs. thousands of them have been out of work for a year. and under obama, nearly 800,000 more women are unemployed. >> the private sector i
journal" is next. ♪ host: good morning. after fundraisers in texas on tuesday, president obama back at the white house today. this morning have a series of meetings with his dagger culture secretary and others to discuss the drought and heat waves. this afternoon, meetings with secretary clinton and panetta. reporting romney will announce his vice- presidential running mate after the summer olympics, which begin later this month. it is wednesday, july 18. on the campaign trial, the attacks are getting intense. the tone is negative. we want to begin with your comments on this election. our phone lines are open. 202-737-0001 for democrats. 202-737-0002 for republicans. 202-628-0205 for independents. to in the conversation on twitter -- or send us an e-mail. here is how the story is playing out this morning. here is a photograph of mitt romney yesterday in cincinnati. the 2012 attacks intensified as battle prolines are drawn. "the washington times" -- both campaigns positively-at an earlier stage. during the 2008 race, president obama described a negative campaign a
for a campaign? caller: i am 92. i was down with bill and hillary clinton in texas in 1972. host: that's awesome. what were you doing? caller: i was called back into the korean war. i get hot about politics and finding the truth. romney made five different statements last night and none of them were true and they caught it stand corrected it. host: it was nice to hear from you from richmond, michigan, a longtime volunteer. tom is a republican in erie, pennsylvania. hi. caller: good morning. i am not volunteering because i have zero time to do any volunteering because of my work hours. all i can do is send the money. i am sending money to obama whenever i can. host: you are calling on the republican line. caller: i have been a republican 42 years. i am a republican. what i've watched go on with the republican party is disgusting. what people need to start thinking about is these misinformation campaigns from the republicans funded by big money. these people funding money into the republican campaign's they want something for that. we have to step back and look at voter registration laws that are
was the texas secretary of state and a customs broker until 2000. you talk about a fresh face in mexico. there is an article recently from the they say it is a return to the party that ruled mexico for a period of time. put that in perspective for us. guest: it actually was the party in power for many years until the last 12 years. a lot of people say, well, now you're going to go back to the old system. well, the way i see this, this is my analysis. democracy has changed a lot. i do not think they can go back to the way it was because the new society in mexico demands it. you saw a movement. they are demanding changes and because of that, i think the new changes we have in mexico will not allow them to go back to the way it was. they have to pay attention to the new demands in mexico. host: your constituencies are a member of the homeland security committee. guest: when you have 1,200 miles, it is a lot. you have to look at the terrain. it is a very different type of terrain. we have, and now, less people coming in from any other time since 1971, 1972. there are actually m
: a new debate about stimulus saying that the obama administration -- waco, texas, uncle sam helping or hurting the economy? the republican line. caller: this government and this president is killing jobs. obamacare, at the very beginning, there is a 3.8% surcharge. for people like me who have our own businesses with a great number of employees, there is a medicare tax that goes up to 3.8% in addition to the first 3.8%. you had that up and -- you add that up and you look at local government or you have 8% or 9% right there. so you have a 60% marginal tax bracket. government is sucking the money out of us so fast it is unbelievable. and what we do? there's $60 billion in waste in medicare. $40 billion in fraud in medicaid. and look at the energies with solyndra and things like that. host: hold on, what is your line of business? what do you do? caller: i ran a production unit, produced a low molecular mass saw. host: how many people did you employed? caller: in 1991, i have around 700 workers. -- i had about 700 workers. with the boom, i had about a thousand. and then obama came in and
and the democrats in north carolina in early september. keith republican line. houston, texas. good morning. caller: good morning. i think the sad part of this whole election process is that what we're seeing in texas right now is this nasty campaign for senate. i'm a republican and i voted republican in that election, i think the presidential election we're going to see the same thing. it's going to be nasty attack ads and it's going to be decide bid what a hand. of states? because soment of the states p like texas were sued by the federal government. i think the choice is clear about who the president should be is mitt romney. it's funny that he started out the first thing she says is the mormon doesn't drink coffee. and we've seen under president obama that there have been an attack on the religious freedom of the united states with his so-called obama care, our unemployment is at an all time high since the great depression. our housing is under water. 30% of people's mortgages are under water and i guess the president wants to bail them out too and then we have a $15 trillion debt that we could
, texas, terry, independent lanine. you will have to turn down the television. go ahead. caller: ok. host: you are on. go ahead. caller: we are talking about the clothes the olympians are wearing, that is just reality. our government outsources everything. even the phone i'm talking to you on is not made in america. it is made by an american company but not made in america. i could pay a little more for it was made in america and. good about it. i can't by anything that says made in america. until we get things made in america this country is not going to get better. you have a middle class that needs to work and we work in manufacturing jobs and building things and there's nothing being manufactured over here. it doesn't seem right that you can outsource these jobs and expect these people to buy these goods. we have to buy cheaper stuff because we don't make any money any more. host: do you bother to check labels for the made in the u.s.a. sign? caller: it is very hard to find made in the u.s.a., anything. host: you may wonder what classifies made in the u.s.a. the f.t.c. has oversight o
just taken on people in los angeles, san francisco, houston, texas and the miami so we are developing all of this. at the combination of exploring these issues and having a fair amount of time to devote to this, will eventually allied affairs. investment in the
two and the awards. he -- he 1 two emmy awards. let us hear from a republican in texas. hello. caller: hello. what oversight is over this? who decides how we are portrayed overseas as americans? is the content regulated? hello my short that the way i am being representative -- how am i assured that the way i am being representative is accurate? guest: oversight is by the broadcasting board of governors. it is a bipartisan board appointed by the president, confirmed by the senate. there are quite to republicans and four democrats. the ninth member of the board is the secretary of state. whichever administration is in power at the time has the deciding vote on the broadcasting board of governors. they are very responsive to both the administration, as well as some members of congress. our budget is determined through the congress. the president proposes the co, the congress disposes. they have the opportunity to put conditions on the money that they do appropriate. as far as how americans are portrayed, by law, we are required to provide reliable, accurate, and balanced information to o
houston, texas, on the independents' line. caller: i really enjoy bbc. i watch it on pbs in the afternoon. i just wanted to let you know. host: tell us why you like it so much. caller: i am from somalia. i grew up listening to bbc on the radio. when i moved here 17 years ago and found it on npr, i was ecstatic. the usually comes on in the evenings at 9:00 p.m. when i lived there. in houston, we finally get it on npr stations. and i really enjoy knowing what is going on around the world. they cover a lot of issues and different things you do not get here. host: you just answered my next question about whether you get something from the broadcast you do not usually find on the airwaves. caller: international news is one of them. they also cover conflicts very well. it is very interactive. they interviewed different people all over the world on one of the topic is going on that day. it is very informative to hear people all over the world. most of the views are very, or similar. guest: thank you. somalia is a country that has suffered dreadfully over the years. the bbc somalis service is som
changed over the years. + ronald is waiting from a houston, texas on the democratic line. what are your thoughts on yesterday's tragedy and what government and other parts of society needs to do to move forward? caller: i think people need to see jesus. he is the answer and [unintelligible] it is just sin is the number-one killer in america. it is time for this mission to repair and. repent. it is the cure for aids, gun violence, all violence whether you are black or white, whether you have a father or mother, if you've got jesus and christian values, you will make it. host: steamboat springs, colorado is waiting on the independent line. thanks for joining us, what are your thoughts? caller: i think it is a real tragedy. i believe in gun control but i am wondering if you have a person that has all the resources that the university of colorado of neuroscience has, why would he needs anything but a gun? he had a bulletproof vest and tear gas and i would think that that is more abhorrent behavior than just a gun. that is my comment. host: thanks for calling in this morning. here are a few
in addition to the fact the market is so uncertain. host: george, a democratic caller from texas. caller: i am reformer real- estate agent. i am the real estate attorney and appraiser. we have seen a cycle in texas of the bursting of the real estate bubble over and over every seven to nine years. i would like to know if you consider this a trend in the markets that there is this swell and burst. should congress intervene to take the cottage industry of loan origination and out of the hands of some brokers to try to even out the cycle? what should congress do, if anything? guest: the idea of booms and busts in the real estate cycle is probably not a good thing overall. it may be encouraging when values are rising. there is a lot of fallout when values decline. overall, it is probably a scenario to be avoided if possible. the next question is how to avoid that scenario. that is a far more difficult question. one immediate thought is perhaps some type of regulation could be put in place. i am skeptical anything can be done at the federal or state level to offset the underlying cycle of boom and b
in. coming up next, congressman ron paul joins us, republican of texas, to talk about his legislation on the federal reserve. also later on today, and looked at states in budget crisis with richard ravitch of the state budget crisis taskforce. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2012] >> this is a kind of a job if he can disagree, even disagree vehemently on the law without taking it personally and without hating the person who is on the other side, you ought to find another job. >> supreme court associate justice antonin scalia reflects on over 25 years on the bench and interpreting legal documents. in his latest -- sunday at 8:00 p.m. on c-span's q&a. ♪ >> watch book tv and american history tv the weekend of august 4-fifth as a c-span's local content vehicles explore the hearts and but a vermiculture of louisville ky, all but church bill downs, louisville slugger -- slugger, and the oldest book store. >> a lot of the stores i have seen fail are stores that were opened by people who were interested in having a b
're talking to him on this july 4. let's hear from an independent caller from texas. co-head and make your answer is clear as possible. we've got a tough connection. caller: i want to thank you and your guys for your service, have a good holiday. host: what does that mean for you to hear, general? what are you doing on the fourth of july? guest: i wish this microphone were in the era of ever marine working hard today. it is good for them to hear that the american public are behind them. they just worry about the american people supporting what they're doing. every marine overeager knows that today is the fourth of july and they know what that means. they have to focus on the job they have to do. at the end of the day, they may go into the shall fall and have a hamburger with mustard, but the rest of the day is all about business. host: how confident are you that america can withdraw its troops by 2014? guest: this summer, we're executing that portion of the drawdown that the president directs. the equipment and the people that he put into this people some time ago as the surge is coming ou
: arlington, texas, independent line, deon. caller: hi. as someone who grew up in church, i often found this whole movement of trying to inject jesus christ and religion into politics, i have often found it disgusting. first of all, when it comes to god's word, both parties fall short. i think we should kill this whole notion that somehow if you vote republican, you are voting with god and all this kind of stuff. basically, what you all have done is create your own false religion. just vote for who you want to vote for, but quit -- and less jesus christ is running, you cannot vote your faith. second, the tea party and when i talk to my older relatives, it is the white separatist movement, the same old white citizens council, states' rights, things from the past, from the 1960's that they see. as far as supporting mitt romney, why would you support someone -- jesus said if anybody comes with another revelation, you reject them. host: we gave our guest plenty to talk about. guest: let's start with the racism part of his equation. this is addressed in my book. the tea party is not racist,
texas, republican, writes about dodd- frank -- that is in the wall street journal this morning. next call on whether or not spending cuts should or should not happen is abraham in upper marlboro, maryland. you on c-span. good morning. caller: good morning. my suggestion is the budget cuts should go ahead. if they can cut their own paychecks, they can cut the department of defense. if they love their country so much, they can cut 50%. there's so much waste. there's no telling how much waste the department of defense has. host: all right. a republican from virginia will be out here a little later this morning. randy forbes will be talking about defense spending and sequestration issues as well. from "usa today" this morning -- >[video clip] >> i am mazie hirono. >> while we don't see eye to eye on much, we have worked together. >> when education programs in hawaii and were at risk in congress -- >> we got together and put partisan differences aside and solved this problem for our people. >> once we joined together as a republican and democrat, i had to join our own party leadership to
corpus christi, texas, republican line, good morning. caller: good morning. there is something i've been wanting to say about cspan for quite awhile. i hope you will bear with me. i would like to refer specifically to the last two callers who mentioned we need to solve the problems in the u.s. first of all, we live in a global community and we always have. naturally, we will have global relations. that is one aspect of life that we just have to accept. having said that, my comment about cspan is that i don't understand why people cannot stay on topic. it is a real simple thing to do. , especially this election year. everything gets turned around and the republicans versus democrats, i cannot think of a better example. you do a great job. i think he received an undue amount of criticism. please, i wish people would stay on topic and i hope you continue to do a good job. host: thanks for your kind words. we realize it is difficult to get through but we appreciate that comment. let me go back to the story that is generating the question this morning about the performance of the secretary of
killed, 27 wounded, in 1966, charles whitman, 47 people shot, 16 were killed, 31 wounded, killeen, texas, 45 people were shot at luby's cafeteria, 23 fatally shot, at mcdonald's in san ysidro, california, 40 people shot, 19 wounded, and at columbine high school in littleton, colorado, 39 people were shot, 13 died, 26 wounded, the list is available at denver thank you for your calls and comments on the second amendment and continue the conversation on coming up, chris cillizza, managing political director of the "washington post" to talk about his book and the campaign. and does syria have control over its chemical weapons stockpile? we'll ask a leading scholar on this issue, and andrew tab ler, the washington institute for near east politics. the sunday programs can be heard on c-span radio every sunday afternoon. good morning, nancy. >> good morning. on today's network, the mat shooting in suburban denver dominating the discussions, plans for defendants -- guests from both presidential campaigns were canceled. on "meet the press" host david gregory
will stop there. fort worth, texas. his support for health care. we have just a few seconds left so let me tell you about things coming up this weekend on c- span. on "q&a" our guest is the former commander of the uss cole, and wheat -- he will be talking about his new historical narrative about al-qaeda's attack on the uss cole. and on our newspapers program, lee saunders, brenda head of american federation of state, county, and municipal employees just coming into office and you'll meet him during this clip and then we will be back live on "washington journal" with david harsanyi. [video clip]journa >> and the state of florida -- and stop the privatization of state services and we did it with help of republicans. we have to set the facts straight. the average pension that the retiree receives is $18,000 or $19,000 a year. you have some folks who say that is a huge amount, that they are ripping off the system. $18,000 or $19,000 a year is not a huge amount. it represents money the pensioner has put into that system. this is not money just coming from the state, but it is money that employ
at a couple of other news stories in just a moment. first, diana from texas. caller: i did not believe the bank should be nationalized, but i believe it is time for the banks to quit using our money. they have been doing so for years. this is doing as no good, because look of auto companies we own. they turned right around and once they made some money, they gave their employees huge amounts of money just for working there. when i worked a job, i got paid my hourly salary, not an extra amount just because the government owned the company. host: think you for sharing your comments. let's look at "the denver post." midnight massacre, a day of mourning. talks about what has been happening in colorado in the wake of the shooting early friday morning. here is the president -- commentsk of the president obama made yesterday after visiting with families who lost loved ones. >> scripture says he will wipe away every tear from their eyes , and death shall be no more, neither shall there be morning, nor crying, nor pain anymore for the former things have passed away. when you have an opportunity
is on our independent line in houston, texas. hello, brian. -- ryan. caller: i have a comment as to a previous caller. i thought it was humorous to watch the republicans attempt to criticize president obama. because what i believe is that president obama has actually done fairly republican things in his extension of the tax cuts as well as his strong military intervention. anyway, thank you for addressing the economic situation. my question is -- i fail to hear any kind of plans that i believe might fix the economic market. these would be the massive debt that continues to grow as well as the continued reckless lending that happens within banks. i am wondering if either party might have a concrete plan to fix either of these two things? guest: when you talk about the debt as an impediment to economic growth, you have to think about coups debt -- whose debt. high household debt levels and high levels of debt within the banking system are definitely problematic for our economy. now, there is discussion as to whether or not high government debt levels are bad for us. not because
texas, he writes that both sides are right, he should refuse to release any additional tax returns. obama should continue to beat him up about it. mitt romney would be a fall to give them more op research. at obama should write it for all it is worth. isn't politics a grand? and our next caller is from oklahoma on the democrat's line. what you think? caller: i think mitt romney should release his tax returns. although the president had expected -- have been expected to before hand. what makes him so special? what makes him any difference? why not? everyone else has. why shouldn't t? is he trying to hide something? host: here are some twitter comments that we have received a. they are all over the board. we will start with this one. you want to run they irs, but not show your taxes? get real. and if mitt romney refuses to show tax returns, he will be toast. we hit corporate terrorists. and -- putting out more meat never satisfies the wolves. and here is kathryn, the more romney defend not releasing his tax returns, the more i wonder what he is trying to hide. those are some of the c
is vice president joe biden yesterday in houston, texas. [video clip] >> it is about the right to vote, because when you have the right to vote, you have the right to change things. [applause] we, the president, and i and er ic and all of us see a future where those are expanded, not diminished, where racial profiling is a thing of the past. [applause] where access to the ballot is expanded and unencumbered. [applause] where there are no distinctions made on the basis of race or gender in access to housing and lending. [applause] so much more. host: james carville. did you get the feeling the vice president said i want to go down and give that speech? he was having a heck of a time. he is a good speaker. he gets fired up. host: stan greenberg, will be to take away from the research and the writing? guest: the most important thing is listening to people. you can never lose track of the. you have to listen to ordinary folks. whenever you think about the crisis, this is long term. i trust builders to get it right. host: has your wife read the book? guest: she has not. host: had she read a
. host: all right. let's move to amarillo, texas. we have jacob on . go ahead. caller: yes, sir. i do not approve of rick perry's job performance based on two specific examples. he has gone against obama, president obama and the entire house of representatives. there was a mexican citizen who was arrested on charges of murder and he was sentenced to death. he was not given representation by a mexican attorney. rick perry was strongly urged by the president and the house of representatives to provide that so we can have the sort of representation at our citizens are arrested. and the other specific example i do not approve of is i just recently heard after the supreme court approved that obama's health care policy, rick perry, i read in the news, he rejected the majority of that plan. i just feel like that is a problem. host: will take a look at other stories as we discuss if you approve of the job you're governor is doing. this is from "the washington post." that is then this morning's "the washington post." you're on "washington journal." you do not have a governor. i guess we're tal
in the texas primaries. the front page of "the houston chronicle" this morning. host: this is an article from "the new york times" today. host: should also note that the 14th congressional district is having a runoff to replace congressman ron paul. the presidential candidate who is retiring. want to go to larry now to join the discussion about paying the kids to show up for class. your thoughts? caller: i think it is a bad idea to pay anyone to go to school, whether it is at-risk or general students. i come from a single-parent homes. my mom had 12 children. when i was in elementary and high school, i had to work at the school to even have my lunch. i graduated at the top of my class. i was the graduation speaker and went on to college. believe it or not, i tudotor at- risk students. i think mentors is the answer. somebody who will tell a child, you can do it. in america, we all do it. let's not celebrate ourselves. we all can do it. every child can learn. he just needs a good mentor. to another call. bonnie, thank you for giving us a call. caller: my state of maryland already pays the inner
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